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First Time Users

How do I upload to the Ad Portal?

  • First, create an account . It's free and easy to do. It will only take a minute and you need to have an account in order to upload any ads. Having an account allows you to submit an ad to any publication as well as allows you complete access to the history of the ads and detail of all your ad transactions.
  • After creating an account, simply select from the menu options and let the site help you complete your goal.

What can you do on the Ad Portal?

  • Simply choose "Submit a New Ad", "Submit a Revised Ad", or "Pickup an Existing Ad". This will take you to a set of text boxes and drop downs that need to be filled out so that we know where to send your pre-flighted ad. Click upload and your ad is on its way.
  • An e-mail confirmation will be sent to you letting you know if your ad has "Passed" or "Failed" with a detailed explanation. If it has "Passed with Warnings" or "Failed", you will be required to approve your ad..
  • If the ad passes, then it gets immediately routed to the Publication Coordinator associated with the title you chose and your ad is good to go. It's that simple.

What format do we accept?

For more information, go to Specifications