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Print Specifications

Make it PDF, our preferred format

Why Make It a PDF?
WTWH produces its many magazines using a "PDF Workflow". Before the magazine is printed, all incoming digital files are preflighted and converted to one common file format - the PDF.

The PDF Advantages
PDF files are compact in size and are easy to print and transmit via the Internet. When we receive a corrected PDF file, minimal intervention is needed prior to the final press run. The ad will print exactly as designed!

    What You Should Know
  • It is crucial that strict specification guidelines are followed when creating your PDF.
  • File errors occur when ads are not created to size, use non-Adobe non-embedded fonts, contain non-CMYK color (RGB, index or Lab colored images).
  • Files should not contain any ICC profiles.
  • PDFs should not be ripped or trapped.
  • Everytime a specification is violated, the file requires additional intervention to make it compliant. This could result in an end-product that does not reflect the client's desired output.
  • VERY IMPORTANT! PDF files display on your monitor in RGB color and this could be misleading and should not be used as a way to check for color accuracy.